Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paranormal Activity (2009)

Score: 7/10

First of all, this movie is different than other horror movies. The movie was filmed using a handheld camera all the time, which creates an interesting experience for the audience. It seems natural and it makes us part of the movie. The way the movie builds up the anticipation is good. It often makes us curious and wanting for something to happen. The hype says that this is the scariest movie ever made. Well, it is scary and creepy at times, but scariest? No, I don’t agree unfortunately.

The movie follows a couple, Micah and Katie. Katie has experienced some strange phenomena and occurrences before, but Micah is skeptical. He buys a camera (used as the vantage point throughout the movie) to find out the truth and record paranormal activities, if any. At night, the camera is filming their bedroom.

After some nights, Micah manages to capture some strange activities and noises. They are getting stronger every day and Micah does not have a choice but to believe that there is something abnormal happen. It seems that Katie is the source of the problem because the same situation has happened before when she was younger. The tension is mounting up and some creepy moments ensue. In the end, we can see the reason behind those occurrences as well as the end result.

The acting is not bad from the two main casts. They way the act toward certain things is a bit weird though. It seems that they just let those things happen without doing something to remedy the situation besides filming. The movie is a bit too long in the beginning. Too much waiting for something to happen. Still, this is a good horror flick. I heard that the budget of the movie is extremely low, thus the movie can be considered as a success.

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"Somebody (or something) hates you."

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